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Templates provide an effective way to standardise the form, content and structure of documentation. It can be frustrating, inefficient and error prone to work with documentation that conveys what is fundamentally the same information but in different styles and structure across each project or department. As a tester or QA engineer working on many projects, it helps when you pick up a document like a Functional Specification that you automatically know where to go to find the change history, or traceabilty matrix, for example. For anyone new in the team, templates can also act as a training aid since they can encapsulate work practices, explain jargon and other such useful information. This page forms a list of templates that you may find useful. You are welcome to download the free software test templates on this page and distribute them. You may further adapt them to suit your needs as necessary.

Some of the templates on this page are in MS Word and some in MS Excel. Some templates are now also provided in PDF format for those users unable to open the template in the native file format. Click on the appropriate download button. Left-click to open in the browser. Right-click and select "Save Target As..." to save to your computer."

All the MS Word based templates on this page feature green-coloured guidance text within them that explain what to include in each section and include aspects gleaned from real-life experience. This green-coloured guidance text uses the "Normal Green" style and can be changed to a more conventional black font colour by simply changing the style to "Normal" (or any other style you so wish).

Essay-based Exam Template for Recruiting Software Testers

This template provides some example questions of the type that can be used to set essay-based exams as part of a pre-interview screening process when recruiting software testers. Please note: the questions are examples only for guidance purposes - they should not be used verbatim in any real exam. This template should be used in conjunction with the advice given here.

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Software Tester Job Specification Template

This template provides a basis for creating a Job Specification if you are recruiting software testers or SQA engineers. Use this template in conjunction with the advice given here.

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Software Tester CV Template

If you are creating a new CV or are updating an existing CV then you can base it on this Software Tester CV Template. The guidance text provides detail to help you. Use this template in conjunction with the advice on applying for jobs in this website.

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Job Application Tracker Template

When you are hunting for a job it is easy to amass many applications. Help keep track of your job applications and manage them better using this Job Application Tracker in MS Excel format. A couple of example rows are included to give you a feel for the type of information that should be recorded.


Software Tester Job Interview Question List

Not strictly a template perhaps, but this free download gives you a list of possible job interview questions you could encounter when doing a software testing job interview.

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Peer Review Inspection Notice Template

If you are introducing a Software Peer Review Process, or are thinking of formalising an existing 'loose' process, then look at this template. The green-coloured guidance text in each section helps to guide you in creating the content of each section and paragraph. Please feel free to adapt and amend to suit your organisation's own needs.

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Software Issue Management Tracker

If you are not using a dedicated tool for managing software issues then you can use a spreadsheet tracker set up in MS Excel. This is not an ideal solution and is more of a compromise. Nonetheless, a template for such an Excel-based spreadsheet is given below. Note: this file features a macro written in VBA to check for Issue ID uniqueness - if you do not wish to use this then just disable the macro or set your security level to high.


Software Issue Report Template

Again, if you are not using a dedicated tool for managing software issues then you might wish to use a manual system based upon MS Word files. Each software issue raised is doen so in a separate MS Word file; this is the purpose of the template below. Although not ideal, such a system is better han no system at all.

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Test Plan Template

This is a general Test Plan template and it is compliant with IEEE-829. It can be changed to suit the nature and scale of the project. Future Test Plan templates will be released which will be more targeted towards specific needs. As with all templates on The-Software-Tester.com, the green-coloured guidance text in each section helps to guide you in creating the content of each section and paragraph.

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Test Report Template

This template is a concise Test Report. It was created to suit the needs of a company where Test Reports had never been used before. As such, it makes use of a tabular format to ease the readability since the audience was unfamiliar with them and would not spend long reading them.

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Use Case Template

A while ago I was asked to plan for a User Acceptance Test (UAT) in a company with no formal processes, templates or lifecycle development model. A Functional Specification had been written by development, capturing the functionality that the business wanted but there were no formal requirements. In CMMI terms, the company represented a typical Level 1 organisation. However, the show was expected to go on and the UAT run. Since there was little value in throwing existing scripted tests from the System Test phase 'over the fence' for a repeat execution in the UAT phase something else was required. I decided to plan UAT tests based upon a derivation of the requirements encapsulated by the Functional Specification. From this derivation I created a list of eight Use Cases. These Use Cases then enabled me to create UAT tests based upon the 'happy paths' and 'alternative paths'. I include a template document here based upon the Use Case Test Document I used. This was a somewhat unusual situation; Use Cases are normally collaborative documents created more by Business and System Analysts towards the start of the lifecycle development. There is value to be had from this template, however, and it may help you to author your user acceptance or scenario tests in a similar situation. After all, there are plenty of Level 1 organisations out there!

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Software Test Checklist Template

Sometimes, if you are managing the day-to-day running of a software test project, it can be hard to keep track of events and milestones as they unfold. A Project Plan can prove too wordy to be continually referring to or to pin up next to your desk. A Test Checklist is much smaller, can contain all the milestones and items you need to track, is portable and can be pinned next to your desk so you can annotate it in real time.

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Timesheet Template

The timesheet template below can prove very useful for both permanent and contract workers. If you work in a flexi-time environment then it is a valuable record of your hours worked in case of disputes with the company time management systems. (And it does happen!) If you are working on a contract basis then it is useful to record your hours for subsequent transcription to your invoice documents.


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